Arizona online law degrees: in the near future?

In Arizona online law degrees won’t get you a shot at passing the bar.

That may change if legislation introduced in February 2013 by Arizona state representative John Allen overturns archaic rules that admit only graduates from traditional law schools to the bar exam.

Allen’s efforts are part of a nationwide movement to embrace equality and undo privilege. Professors at traditional schools run a profitable monopoly unparalleled by just about any academic discipline.

Arizona Online Law Degrees

Arizona resident Sharon Garshak graduated from an online law school in 2011, passed the California bar (which doesn’t have Arizona’s rules of exclusion), but so far hasn’t been allowed to even try in Arizona, despite the fact that the California bar exam is widely considered the most difficult in the nation.

Despite working full-time at a demanding job, I was able to go to law school and learn the legal principles really well,” she told Cronkite New Service.

An ABA-commissioned national taskforce has urged re-engineering its accreditation process and law education in general. It remains to be seen if the changes they implement will include accrediting online law schools, and thus allowing their students to take the bar nationwide.

In the meantime, anyone interested in Arizona Online Law Degrees is urged to examine:

  • desired outcomes of online law degree – Depending on your career goals, you may not need to pass the bar!
  • bar policies in your state
  • cost analysis of online versus traditional – It should be at least one-third less!
  • options to appeal for a special permission to take the bar in your state – These are very technical, so get the facts straight!

The video basically talks about how the online education races forward by leaps and bounds. When will the miserly authorities ruling law education let it catch up?