Online Law School Class: What to expect

Online law school class offers greater flexibility and many advantages over the traditional school. This highly technical video shows the technological challenges for law schools to offer online classes. Most traditional law schools offer some online classes, but under current ABA regulations the number of hours is limited. Those regulations appear on the brink of being struck down. In California, however, you can take all your classes online and still sit at the bar. Prospective students are encouraged to review the prospectus or curriculum provided by most online law school class programs.

When you look at the options, remember to research:

  1. affordability – expect it to be one-third or less the cost of a brick and mortar law school
  2. convenience – most host asynchronous classes (that means, you can watch it whenever, pause it, rewind it, etc.)
  3. quality – ask about bar passage rate of students, as well as job placement rates in legal careers 9 months after graduation
  4. support – video conferencing, email and chat rooms are the means of interaction with students and professors

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Online Law School Class

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