Distance law school: California leads the way

Distance law school is the next advance in distance learning! California leads the nation in accepting this cutting edge education. As is to be expected, online law students have a harder time passing the bar exam. But it can be done by the applied student who doesn’t have the option of going to a classroom and sitting in on lectures for a few years! Now students who work, who are in the military, who can’t afford the room and board of the traditional law school, can get their degree from any part of the world. And in in California, this student can apply to take the bar exam without additional headache.

Distance law school gains acceptance

In 2009, Ross Mitchell, valedictorian of Concord online Law School graduate argued before the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners to gain permission to take the bar exam. Because the ABA doesn’t yet recognize any distance legal university, 49 states don’t just automatically grant the right to take the bar exam. But Mitchell was allowed and subsequently passed the bar and now practices.

Distance law school

If you want to be a courtroom lawyer in another state outside of California, you may have to pass the bar in California first, practice in that state for 5-7 years, then apply to pass the bar in your desired state. Until other states get caught up with California’s forward-looking stance, it’s a bit onerous. You’ll need to have a lot of drive.

In an online law school, look for:

  • a student-centered learning platform that allows an interactive and stimulating educational experience
  • a rigorous curriculum that competes
  • an expert, knowledgeable, and accessible faculty
  • affordability and flexibility of online classes

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