Law study program online: the next logical step

Law study program online is growing in popularity, demanding equal access into the bar.

In the video, Alan Herrman, JD, discusses earning his online law degree, a Juris Doctorate, from California Southern University School of Law. Could a law study program online be your best option? An overview of the current market and a brief review of law education can shed light on your considerations.

Traditional jobs are currently down for lawyers, and employment experts are watching to see if the expected retirements among the baby boom generation will create new jobs.

For now, the needs for law studies are growing for:

  • Engineers, architects, real estate brokers and other professional supplement their expertise and salary with an online legal degree.
  • Legal service advising online.
  •  The poor and needy nationwide.

Studies of law started in colonial American with apprenticeships. Tapping Reeve turned the apprenticeship into more of a law school in Litchfield, Conn. in 1784. At the College of William and Mary, George Wythe became America’s first law professor. Yale University offered law courses as part of the undergraduate study.

Law Study Program Online

At Harvard, George Elliot took legal education to the next step by making it a post-graduate department from 1875 onward. Ironically, theory gained dominance over pragmatic practice through Harvard’s emphasis and the backup of the newly founded American Bar Association. Today, law firms lament the lack of practical application among students.

Law study program online, the next step

Today distance law studies are pressing forward, opening their own markets, clamoring for for validation. Is this the next logical step in the evolution of law degrees in the United States?

According to the 2009 annual report of the Association for Legal Career Professional, newly hired lawyers belong roughly to two groups: 34% earn $30,000 to $65,000 a year and 25% earn $160,000 or more a year.

Across the country, the need for legal services among those who cannot pay or have limited ability to pay has never been higher,” a California bar report says.

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