Online law degree: best options for you

Online law degree is not for everybody. If you can afford the prohibitively high tuition of a brick and mortar school, by all means take advantage of the face-to-face learning and live interaction. But if you can’t get into a first tier school, then you might as well think about the online law degree, although this has additional obstacles.

For entrepreneurs, working professionals, and those who are considering a career change, an online law program offers tremendous value,” said Peter Young, dean of St. Francis School of Law, to US News and World Report. “In the near future, the stigma associated with online education will dissipate as quality improves and as the volume of qualified online graduates grows.”

The advantages of an online law degree are:

  • affordability
  • no need to move to the city of the school
  • flexibility of online class time

Before signing up for distance-learning law, make sure to research:

  • completion/graduation rates
  • percent passing the bar per state
  • types of degrees offered. Almost always, if you want to take the bar, you’ll need a Juris Doctor (JD).
  • rigorous academics
  • interactivity through chat, email and video-conferencing.
  • options in your state for taking the bar with an online law degree.

online law degree

In California, the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar currently has these schools registered, and graduates can take the bar without any other obstacle:

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law
American Heritage University School of Law
California School of Law
Concord School of Law
Esquire College
MD Kirk School of Law
Newport University
Northwestern California University
Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy
Southern California University for Professional Studies
University of Honolulu
West Coast School of Law, Inc.
West Haven University
William Howard Taft University

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