Online law degrees: Become a lawyer at home

Online law degrees mean you CAN become a lawyer — and you don’t have to move out of your home to get there! As with so many other studies, law studies are surging online too! To be sure, it involves special difficulties to become a practicing attorney, but if your current situation does not permit attending a brick-and-mortar school, this is a great option. It’s cheaper and flexible; it’s a good way to execute a career change.

online law degrees

When researching online law degrees, you’ll need to find out:

  • Your career goal. If you want to become a practicing lawyer, it is recommended you still get the interactivity of being around teachers and law students. If you plan to use your law degree for a related career, online is a great option. Some want to take a few specialized law classes to enhance their career.
  • The state you want to practice in. Currently only California allows online students to take the bar. If you want to practice law in another state under current law, you’ll have to first practice law in California for a couple years and then apply to take the bar your desired state.
  • The bar passing rate of your distance learning school. Get the stats before you apply.
  • The support network your law school offers to help you when you begin to tire of the long haul. As you research online law schools, you’ll want to ask about the extra effort they put in helping the student accomplish goals.

Online law studies are growing by leaps and bounds — many would say it is the wave of the future. Here are some of the careers you can practice with a law degree without necessarily passing the bar exam:

The following list demonstrates just a few things you could do with a law degree:

  1. Court reporter
  2. Media lawyer
  3. City council member
  4. Corporation consultant or arbitrator
  5. Foreign affairs consultant
  6. Police Officer
  7. Homeland Security professional
  8. Cyber Crime detective
  9. Corporate or private security
  10. Political leader such as senator or representative
  11. Justice of the Peace
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