Online Law School Classes: Your Best Option

Online Law School Classes are growing in popularity, despite the difficulties in many states of being allowed to sit on the bar exam. (The American Bar Association is currently reviewing regulations and may finally grant accreditation to 100% Online Law School Classes, without which many states won’t let you take the test to become a lawyer.)

Online Law School Classes

Here are some advantages to Online Law School Classes:

  • Admittance – They’re easier to get in than traditional law schools
  • Convenience – You watch the class in your home during your free time. There’s no commute, no need to move-in to your school.
  • Affordability – Online Law School Classes are about one-third the cost of brick-and-mortar schools. You won’t have pay for dorm and living expenses beyond your norm.
  • Teacher Accessibility – Your online professor may actually be more available than the traditional teacher. Ask your question by email, and he’ll be back to you within 48 hours.
  • Interactivity Without Distraction – Chat rooms, skype and email make interaction with fellow students possible. But there’s no campus life distraction of parties.

Online Law School Classes are for dreamers. While the traditional law school tends to reject more than accept applicants (thus they attain prestige by enrolling only the “cream of the crop.”), Online Law School Classes are open for pretty much everybody.

Online Law School Classes are also great for:

  1. Those who want private practice (since the big law firms go pretty much only for top-tier law school grads.)
  2. Those who want to compliment their professional career with a law degree.

Check to see if Online Law School Classes are the best option for you. As you research, make sure to ask:

  • Total costs of the program
  • Options for taking the bar in your state
  • Bar passage rates of graduates
  • 9-month-after-graduation employment of graduates in law job

This video, the Trials of a Law School Trailer 1, shows the adversity facing traditional law school students. The online school takes less of a sink-or-swim approach to its students.

60 Replies to “Online Law School Classes: Your Best Option”

  1. I just graduated law school, this ridiculously overdramatic, if law school is this overwhelming for you, you probably shouldn’t be a lawyer…especially since you’ll probably have a nervous break studying for the bar exam.

  2. Anybody taking out crushing student debts in any graduate program in today’s economy is a fool unless they are wealthy and connected. Be it Law or an MBA. Everything is being outsourced, even legal document reviewing and accounting is outsourced via the internet. Many graduates with the crushing debts are turning to stripping, working at a porn studios, and even prostitution. See the Youtube news video called “Chicago Attorney Arrested For Prostitution” and also watch “College Conspiracy”

  3. Your talking about coming out of the “hood”, man my uncle came from a third world country – all bug infested, a shack for a house, a family of 7. He is a lawyer in New York making the green and loving what he is doing. He said, “only hard work gets you where you want to go, and not where you’re from.” If you’re ready for it, then go do it! The only one who is stopping you, is yourself!

  4. Everyone is an ass in law school… it’s a fact. The system is designed to have students “compete” and pretty much screw each other over. No wonder nobody trusts lawyers… they’re trained to be deceitful and ultimately to win no matter the cost.

  5. I’m a second year medical student and I couldn’t even think of going to Law School. A tip of the hat to Law students

  6. im 18 been to jail 7 times.all threw out high school. turn 18 and this looks really cool to me.too bad cnt go.hood niggahs real poor.

  7. I’m a 2L and it’s trying. But there is time to enjoy your life. I would recommend it to anyone. And no, not everyone is an ass in law school. Everyone is just really competitive; which is what most of us love about it. Have a great day everyone!

  8. I cant find this movie anywhere online but I want to see it really bad but 30 dollars seems like a waste to watch something once =/

  9. Do lawyers have an interest in a coup d’etat or when the feds commit crimes against humanity? Where do you go when you’re psychologically tortured for 3 and half years and your family is forced to sign NSLs and conduct Psy-ops experiments on you? How can I be denied a lawsuit or to speak with an attorney? Any thoughts?

  10. In this economy anybody would be crazy to go to law school unless you get into Harvard or you have a multi-millionaire father that the tuition to him is just extra gambling money. If that is not the case, then you are taking a big risk at any law school. You can never file for bankruptcy and wipe out the astronomical debt and this great recession is causing even experienced lawyers to get laid off at law firms.

  11. Let’s stop beating around the bush. People who ace all of their English classes BEFORE starting law school are the ones who end up passing their states bar exam. Point being, law school and passing the bar have nothing to do with how well you verbally argue but rather how well you respond to hypothetical essay questions. JD – USC

  12. I haven’t started my second year yet so I don’t know what it’s like. But I can tell you most of the people in my section are still the creative and funny people I met in the beginning. But we depend on these parts of ourselves to survive. Several people (for example) right jokes into there exam answers. And these aren’t lower 50%, they are top 10. All I’m saying is I don’t think it’s as bleak as you say.

  13. Well I can tell by your unbridled and unwarranted optimism that you’re certainly not an attorney yourself. You shouldn’t go around corrupting innocent 16-year-olds with such platitudes. Rather, encourage him to be an engineer or accountant instead, or any other profession that will, you know, get him employed. Then, if he REALLY wants to be an attorney, he’ll make the poor decision to go to law school anyway.

  14. If you have any trace of humor or creativity left after your first year, you’ll surely lose it during your second year. You know how they say that first year is the hardest and that it gets better? Not true. Just as much work, if not more. People only say that it gets better because they’ve given up by the time second year comes along. You’re going to half-ass every class, skip the readings, and rely on supplements like everyone else. Otherwise you’re a fool.

  15. Yup, sounds about right. But as for the students who take law school seriously and actually prepare for the assigned material each week, their lives ARE pretty stressful (first semester for me). Of course, you’re lucky to have graduated when you did. Now it’s almost impossible to find work straight out of law school. I’ll probably end up clerking with a judge, if I’m lucky, and get paid in the 20-30k range for a year. Shit sucks.

  16. What a joke. I graduated OU law in 2002. I bought study aids made for each text book, crammed for 2 weeks each semester and partied the rest of the year. I had a B+ average and had no problem finding work and have had a six figure income all but the first year after I graduated. Anyone who says lawschool is stressful has NO idea how hard its going to be running a full caseload, and anyone who wastes their college years studying is missing out. BOOMER SOONER!!

  17. The simple Fact is that MOST if NOT all of THE FUCKERS IN the video do not know ( NOR ARE TAUGHT ) the differences between a democracy form of GOVERNMENT or republican one but yet they are supposedly “studying” to uphold a “law” / “lords” words, that establishes their own imprisonment through self inflicted brainwashing.

    You think that they would use that “study” time WISELY to enable them to comprehend that a piece of “paper” IS NOT MONEY!

    Worms…Fucking retards.

  18. Here is how Law School should be. After students graduate they will work directly for the Government. No more balogny. Setting them free causes corruption. Their also charging too much causing damage to the economy. Graduates will be located to Government Law Offices. They will be paid by the Government.

    A. Basics of Law.
    B. Courts and The System.
    C. State and Federal Law.
    D. International Law and Constitution.

  19. I’m finishing my first year in one week. It’s been a hard year. The hardest by far. But easily the most rewarding. You learn to persevere in law school. You find true friends. You take on more than you ever thought you could. The first year does try to break you, its true. But hold onto the elements that make you who you are (your humor, creativity, etc). You’ll look back and realize how strong you became in such a short time.

  20. Law school was the best time of my life. I loved the experience, I love my job, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Good Luck to all those aspiring lawyers.  If you stick with it, you will be rewarded.

  21. What do Law Students do after they graduate?? What exactly happens??? This is the reason why we should be developing a Government System.

  22. you can do it. if you have this idea at 16, then you already have the maturity to think ahead and plan.

    reach your dreams.

    dont let ANYONE tell you that you cant do something.

  23. Res ispa loquitur? What a stupid attempt at a brag. That phrase adds nothing to your post and applies, at best, remotely.
    I have no doubt that law school is easy for some, however to say its a walk in the park is just being arrogant.

  24. I am a Political Science Major. I am considering going to Law School, yet a few of my professors I have had (who are Lawyers themselves) have indirectly persuaded me not to go for the simple matter they say that it will consume your life especially during your first year. I guess the question im trying to pose is ‘Is it Worth it in the end”???????

  25. – true. A recent article in the NY Times showed that the majority of grads do not get jobs as lawyers and often make far less money than they spent in school. I went to Hamline Law school and it was the most crooked institution I ever saw in my life. Well, second only to the state supreme court. No wonder so many people hate lawyers.

  26. Law school is great, except that it’s way too expensive and the job market is gone. The intense experience has its benefits, but the benefits don’t outweigh the debt and joblessness many graduates are now facing. Think hard and do a lot of research before you make this choice.

  27. Something along the lines of “put them in a shaker, dump them out, and rank them”
    I think what they’re getting at is that all the law students are used to doing well and they’re all mixed together so everyone is a high achiever, but then because of the rankings, someone is at the bottom of the list – and it’s a high achiever just like the rest of the law students.

    That’s my take on it anyway…hope that helps…

  28. Canadian law schools ftw! There are truly no ‘bad’ Canadian law schools, but some American law schools are nothing more than mere paper mills while the T14 schools are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  29. Let’s see. Law school is interesting. A terrific experience with an undergrad degree in philosophy. Will teach you how to think like a law school teacher. Won’t teach you anything about the actual practice of law; will so preoccupy you with cases that you will lose a grasp on the real world (already mentioned the philo connection). Will dump you into a world overloaded with law degrees…and with debt. Today, at, what 25 years old, you better bring a book of business. If you do not know …

  30. can someone please transcript the sentence at 1:30 cause I dont understand it (spanish is my first language). Something like “What’s sad about law school is that we take these very bright and energetic high achievers and ” then I dont understand “we shake them” or something like that. What is he trying to say ?

  31. my professors teach me a whole lot, especially when I talk to them outside of class. I’m sorry that law school isn’t a “hand everything to you on a silver platter” type of experience, if you take any grad school program, you will find that 90% of the time the majority of the learning is based on your taking initiative to read, research, study, etc… very few grad programs involve a professor standing around all day telling you everything. get over it

  32. hard hard studies but you can pass your examens if you work ALL the time. You can or not 🙂 It’s possible to win.

  33. Are the people complaining about law school exposing the truth or letting the whole world know that they couldn’t hang? That’s a real question.

  34. @da006, So what you are essentially saying is that in law school you are not spoon fed, you are responsible for what you learn and comprehend and lastly the people are hard asses. Sounds like if you can make it out and pass the bar, you should consider yourself, not only a competitive and successful person but self reliant ? Damn I would hate to be that. No on said law school is for bitches, pardon my french.

  35. As a recent (and rather successful) 1L survivor – I think the most accurate advice/description of the experience I can give is this: in every case you study, each side can make respectable arguments. If not, YOU WOULDN’T BE STUDYING THEM. You MUST put aside your own personal/political views and attempt to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the various LEGAL arguments each side makes. There is no one answer – only degrees of argument/persuasion.

  36. Exposing the lias of law school. Beyond “One L.” Beyond “Law School Red Ink White Collar Blues.” You need to know the truth.

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