Online law school: How is it similar to the traditional school?

Online law school classes often are held at a certain time of the day, similar to regular colleges. Your assignments need to be turned in on specified days and times. The online law school allows students to email teachers or other classmates for clarification regarding an assignment. Addressing criticisms leveled at the online schools that there is too little interactivity, most schools set up chat forums to discuss ideas and questions as well as argue cases.

Online law school

To take online law school classes you will need high-speed internet and a sound card.  Your RAM capability should be at least 256 megabytes. Either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (6.0+) will work. As far as software on your computer, you can’t get by without Microsoft Word.

Online law school wins in area of cost

An online law school costs $10,000 to $10,500 a year, so the savings are substantial when compared to the traditional law school. Check out options for Pell and other grants to defray these costs if you have need.

California and a few others states accept online law school students to take the bar. You had better check with your state’s bar before you enroll under a false illusion. Also, if you don’t want to become a practicing attorney, you may not need to pass the bar. Here’s a list of careers that don’t necessarily require passing the bar but definitely get higher pay for having a law degree:

  • Court reporter
  • City council member
  • Corporation consultant or arbitrator
  • Foreign affairs consultant
  • Police Officer
  • Homeland Security professional
  • Cyber Crime detective
  • Corporate or private security
  • Political leader such as senator or representative
  • Justice of the Peace

Potential areas of study:

  1. business law
  2. civil law
  3. criminal law
  4. entertainment law
  5. environmental law
  6. family law
  7. health law
  8. internet law
  9. personal injury law
  10. real estate law
  11. tax law

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