Online law schools work if you can’t go the traditional path

Online law schools can work, but don’t think an online law degree is an easy way or a shortcut to becoming a lawyer. It is not. In some ways, online law schools offer a more difficult path because topnotch law firms take a dim view of them. The industry is steeped in tradition, favors the old ways of doing things and is slow to embrace change.

Online law schools

But if online is your best option , you ought to research online law schools today.

Online law schools are right for:

  • entrepreneurs
  • laborers and professionals who don’t have the luxury to take years off to study
  • army personnel
  • anyone looking for a career switch
  • professionals who want to compliment their work with knowledge of law
  • non-lawyer professionals such as criminologists, paralegals and social advocates who won’t need to pass the bar

So far, California is the first and only state to embrace the technology, and that’s significant because California has always been a leader in the nation. What this means for now, however, is that you won’t even be given the chance to the take the bar in another state unless you:

1) practice 5 years in California first

2) solicit and receive special permission by your state bar.

So when will the premier firms view online law schools more brightly? It may be when they see your performance!

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