Online legal studies: a way for those who otherwise can’t

Online legal studies are the answer for your dream that, up until now, have been frustrated by lack of time, lack of finances, lack of whatever. You can now get your law degree from a number of excellent law schools that are entirely online. To be sure, this option is not without its difficulties. State high courts are currently re-visiting their policies and are expected to lift the ban on online students taking the bar. Do the research in your state by contacting the bar directly (California allows online students to take the bar.)

It was just impossible to go to school at night and take care of the kids,” said a 46-year-old mother of two, who used her online law degree in the entertainment industry.

Consider online legal studies:

  • Enrollment in online legal studies programs have exploded
  • Law schools online have steadily increased
  • Traditional law schools in 2013 are suffering declining enrollments
  • Online is quality, student-oriented education

Online Legal Studies

The American Bar Association, however, has taken a dim view of 100% online legal studies, allowing for traditional schools to give no more than 12 units online. The ABA has many similar rules for accreditation, which is needed in 49 states in order to take the bar. The ABA rules make law education excessively expensive, which is why law schools have raised their prices to beyond imagination. Nowadays, such rules make no sense. The job market is depressed, and with $100,000+ student loan debt from accredited law schools, students are understandably cutting back on applications to brick and mortar law schools.

5 Replies to “Online legal studies: a way for those who otherwise can’t”

  1. Online law school is about freedom. The ABA must wake up and realize that there are good internet schools out there and the more students that become lawyers that aren’t millionaires or the ultra rich the better. If you support diversity then you should support internet law schools. The rich should not own the legal profession. Power to the people.

  2. The video gets half of a star (it’s a shame that this or a zero option doesn’t exsist). But, the previous comment gets a five. What were you thinking????

  3. Very inspiring! I love your “Civil PROCEEDURE” class! I also like this sentence: “‘I can’t do this’…. or ‘I don’t have the time’. Now, you can!'” That’s great! “Now you can” does not follow not having the time. According to the state bar for July 2008, only 11 out of 80 students that graduated from your illustrious school passed the bar, for a whopping 13%. So what gap are you trying to “bridge”?

    Do you inform your students (e.g., victims) of their bleak prospects?

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